Our client base is unique in the Australian Financial services industry – three quarters are drawn from the medical, legal and dental professions…

with the balance being corporate executives, entrepreneurs and self-funded retirees (mainly from the aforementioned occupations). In many cases client relationships extend over several generations of the same family.

They are located in every state and territory capital city, as well as many regional towns and rural areas. We ensure that all receive the same service level, including semi-annual reviews, as our Sydney based clients.

Our clients each typically have a number of individual tax entities (for example personal, corporate, discretionary and/or unit trust, superfund, charitable trust (PAF), holding different risk profiles. We are used to dealing with such complexity.

As a business we are indeed fortunate in having such a “narrow but deep” client base, as it allows us to focus on and specialise in those areas of most relevance to them.

This specialisation brings substantial value to the firm’s services for its highly differentiated clients and few competitors can match it. We do not foster a sales environment, and while we enjoy welcoming new clients, they are usually introduced to us from existing clients. As a result, we have very little dedicated to marketing initiatives, instead preferring to focus on the quality of service and advice to our existing clients.