Mercury Private seeks to develop relationships of an enduring quality and value with every one of our clients and their families.

These relationships are based on mutual trust, garnered through a deep understanding of each client’s values, goals and their constantly changing circumstances. This in turn enables us to formulate highly personalised strategies that continually optimise outcomes for our clients.

We place our clients’ interests at the very heart of everything we do, always applying our core values of trust, integrity, and honesty. We view our clients’ trust as our most valuable asset; continuity of staff and their long standing client relationships are a key part of maintaining this.

We expect fair reward for our endeavours, acknowledging that we must demonstrate to our clients that our fees offer significant value for money from both quantitative (investment return and risk management) and qualitative (service and professionalism) perspectives. We ensure full transparency of our fees and seek to align our advisers’ and senior managers’ values with the firm’s through the fostering of a collegiate rather than a sales environment. We expect our key staff to participate in equity arrangements over the longer term.